Foto della settimana: Pastori

"Latte a un euro o non si munge più"

copyright di Martin Liebermann

Portait of a shepherd, Cyprus

posted by Mauro Erro @ 20:22,


At 6 febbraio 2011 12:30, Blogger Martin Liebermann / zeitspuren said...

Ciao Mauro,

I found my image (from flickr) at your blog. All my images are copyrighted, but I usually don't mind if they are used for non-commercial blogging.

However, I require

a) Credit to my autorship(thanks!)

b) A copyright note (so people know one can't just use the image).

c) A link back to the flickr page you took my image from. This is only fair, as it directs traffic to me. Also, people need to contact me if they want to use the image - I'm earning money with photography. Also, if you use flickr, you have already agreed to their terms of use - providing a link is mandatory.

Please add the link and a copyright note (e.g. the copyright sign or "Copyright by Martin Liebermann /zeitspuren) to your blog post or remove the image.

Thank you!

Martin Liebermann / zeitspuren


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